WP7 Project Management

A strong project management, with representatives of each of the WP leaders, will be responsible for the overall technical coordination of the project, the liaison with the European Commission, project controlling as well as the dissemination of results.
The activities in WP7 consist of the following:

Administrative and Financial Management
The Project Coordinator (STC) as well as the responsible project managers from all Work Package Leaders (VIA, SPB, PRO and TNO) will be responsible for the administrative and financial management of the PROMINENT project.
SWP7.1 is the focal point for PROMINENT’s administrative and financial management. The Project Coordinator and the WP leaders will be responsible for the quality management of PROMINENT results and deliverables. They will ensure that the results gained in the work packages match the contractual agreements as well as the specified WP objectives. 

Project Dissemination

This SWP will coordinate the dissemination and communication efforts for the entire project. Whereas SWP7.3 (Stakeholder involvement) is primarily focused on exploiting and bringing results to end users, skippers and the IWT industry, this SWP7.2 is aimed at the general public and public society as a whole, in order to create awareness on the projects’ main objectives and resuts. The main tasks carried out in this SWP will be to:
– Create and supervise a “corporate identity” for the PROMINENT project;
– Issue a dissemination strategy in cooperation with representatives of the European Commission;
– Disseminate the activities and results of the PROMINENT project by means of brochures, newsletters, press releases,
active participation in symposia, exhibitions and the like;
– Maintain a database of all the documents received or generated by PROMINENT and provide access for the Commission, Adivsory Board, project partners and other authorised parties.

Stakeholder Involvement

PROMINENT is about achieving real impacts on the ground. The ambitious targets and objects can only be achieved through the direct involvement of the key user groups, i.e. individual skippers and the IWT industry at large.
To ensure the mass introduction and exploitation of innovative PROMINENT technologies, an intensive dialogue with stakeholders (IWT industry, skippers wishing to green their vessels) will be initiated right at the start of the PROMINENT project and continued throughout its lifetime. Stakeholder involvement has therefore been woven into the entire project desing of PROMINENT and will be carried out in all work packages 1 to 6; there, the content related preparation is undertaken. The organisational coordination however (timing, addressed stakeholder groups, interrelations/synergies with other ongoing projects with stakeholders integration etc.) is situated in SWP7.3 in order to efficiently coordinate communication efforts.

For additional information, please contact:

Jaap Gebraad
Project Coordinator PROMINENT
Stichting STC-Group
Tel: 0031-104486080