WP4 Digital education tools

Work Package 4 supports the ongoing process of harmonisation and modernisation of professional qualifications in inland navigation on a (pan-)European level and in addition supports the ongoing process of integration of IWT knowledge into general logistics education:

SWP4.1 | Simulations and Digital Tools

The effectiveness of the use of ship-handling simulators for the purposes of education, assessment and examination, especially in relation to Knowledge of Specific Situations (KSS) and practical examinations, will be investigated in SWP4.1. A comparison between simulator-based education and training on the one hand and and real-life applications on the other shall show the advantages and disadvantages of the use of ship-handling simulators. Recommendations for the standardises use of simulators in education and exams can be derived.

Digital tools can bridge the gap between the increasing requirements to adjust the necessary skills to navigate in an efficient manner and the high barrier to enter conventional onshore learning classes. PROMINENT will develop the following prototypes of digital tools for education and training:
– E-learning module: energy and cost-efficient navigation;
– E-learning module: handling of (alternative) fuel and cargo, especially dangerous goods;
– E-learning module: vessel stability

SWP4.2 | European electronic service record book and Logbook

Based upon the outcomes of PLATINA-II and eIWT, which designs an initial architecture of an e-SRB and an e-Logbook, PROMINENT will develop the first prototype of an e-SRB and e-Logbook, which will be tested and evaluated during various pilots executed in WP5.

SWP4.3 | Integration of Inland Navigation in general logistics education

A web-based community of practice (CoP) with learning modules will be developed in order to create a sustainable tool for the integration of IWT knowledge into general logistics education. An open access learning management system (LMS) will be used for content management and an IT/advertisingcompany will design an accessible and responsive web-platform (i.e. access with mobile devices). The e-learning modules devepoped in SWP4.1 will be available on the web-based community of practice. To foster the use of the web-based community of practice developed in the previous task, dissemination activities are conducted to make people aware of its existence as well as its handling.