WP6 Roll out

Work Package 6 does focus on the identification, analyses and preparation of contents on the lessons learned, the barriers to resolve and the follow-up actions for both the IWT industry and the public organisations. The WP6 consist of four parts:

SWP6.1 | Pilot implementation review

The first action is to develop a common analysis framework and template for sound evaluation of pilots. A mid-term and final review report will be prepared. This will provide important input for further analyses and recommendations on policy actions taking into account the cost-benefit analyses and feasibility aspects (multi criteria analyses). An integrated approach ensures solid conclusions and recommendations regarding the implementation strategy.

SWP6.2 | Financial analyses and solutions for most promising innovations

A major element to address is the need for financing solutions for massive introduction and deployment of innovations. SWP6.2 is dedicated to make final analyses and conclusions on the business cases and to come up with financing solutions. This will be done on business level but also for the European fleet (public-private funding solutions). PROMINENT will concentrate on innovations that combine energy and emission reduction potential with intrinsic cost-effectiveness for the vessel owner/operator (win-win).

SWP6.3 | Preparation of mass implementation (key user buy-in)

Typical for the supply side structure of the IWT industry is the strong fragmentation of transport service suppliers and the broad range of niche markets (cargo segments, type of waterways and vessels). A key challenge is to reach those small companies and to provide them with ‘tailor-made’ information. An innovative, open and neutral tool will be developed: the I-STEER Application “Investment Support Tool for Emission and Energy Reduction”. This App presents convincing and credible findings of the PROMINENT project and acts as a platform for system suppliers and market place where demand and supply of green technologies is brought together. Of major importance is the dialogue with policy makers to eliminate the barriers for innovations. This work will already start during the first phase of the project in order to prepare the buy-in for embedding follow-up actions into various work programmes. Those stakeholders that would need to play a strong role in those follow-up actions will be involved and consulted already in an early phase in order to raise and create acceptance and support.

SWP6.4 | Policy recommendations and draft implementation roadmap

In order to facilitate the successful follow-up, there is a dedicated SWP6.4 that prepares policy evaluations, recommendations and roadmaps for the various fields of PROMINENT innovations. The SWP5.4 addresses mainly the following NAIADES II policy areas: “Environmental quality through low emissions” and “Skilled workforce and quality jobs” SWP6.4 will prepare long lists and shortlists of possible measures (legal adaptations, financial support, communication actions, public funded research and development actions, etc.) that could be supporting the roll-out of innovations. The lists will be reviewed together with the Advisory Board. As a final step the recommendations for the follow-up actions will be developed (the roadmap).