Panteia B.V.
The Netherlands

Panteia B.V. is a Netherlands based institute offering a full range of services in policy research, consultancy and marketing research. We act as partners for national governments, provincial governments, local councils, the European Commission, national and international organisations, trade associations and the business world in general. Panteia has its head office in Zoetermeer, close to The Hague in the Netherlands, a branch office in Brussels and joint ventures in Bulgaria, China and Kazakhstan. Our transport policy has more than sixty years of active experience in transport, traffic, infrastructure and logistics. We provide our clients with reliable and objective analyses of the economic, legal, organisational and institutional aspects in these fields. With this, we aim to contribute to the innovative and structural improvement of the inland navigation sector by providing a well-founded vision, based on the principle of sustainable mobility.        

Panteia leads the inland navigation market in the field of modelling, forecasting and evaluating international traffic flows. Recent examples of Panteia’s work within the inland navigation sector, are the impact assessment studies for the European Commission concerning (1) measures to combat air pollution, (2) measures to harmonise professional qualifications and training standards and (3) the implementation of the European agreement on working time in inland water transport.

We also conduct feasibility studies on waterway and inland port infrastructure and logistics, looking at the possible potential for new terminals or intermodal barge services. Furthermore, we performed market observations together with the Central Rhine Commission, as well as many studies on the size, impact and possible measures to address the financial economic crisis in inland waterway transport.

Lastly, we are a major player in the Core Network Corridor studies for the European Commission, with Panteia being involved in 7 out of the 9 TEN-T corridors.

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