Navrom SA

Navrom SA was founded in 1890.
The company fleet owes 52 pusher boats of various powers (150 – 3200 HP) and 348 barges of different capacities (1000 – 3200t) As a result of a restructure of the River Navigation Enterprise, in 1991, the NAVROM Romanian River Navigation Company was born, having its headquarter in Galati. Starting 1992, the society had permanently modernized its fleet, investing in new naval equipments and constructions, in order to keep up with the requests of the European river transportation market.
Nowadays, C.N.F.R. NAVROM S.A. is a solid company, being permanently prepared to assure its clients transportation requests, on any sector of Danube located between the Black Sea and Regensburg.
Offers the following services: 
– River transportation of goods: cereals, minerals, chemical products and ballast on the entire navigable sector of Danube.
– Services of port maneuvers, in the Constantza Port the binding and – unbinding of the un-propelled ships, the introduction and the pulling out of the un-propelled ships at the loading and unloading at the port’s moorings, agency services for the ships, the surveillance and assistance of the ships stationed in the moorings of the port.   

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